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The long awaited specialist appointment at Montefiore was horrible. I did not like this man and neither did my husband. He didn’t listen to me or my husband in any way at all. I felt dismissed. I worked hard on a binder that contains every piece of information regarding my GI history and health. I… Continue reading Specialist

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I’m not quite sure where to begin and I’ll try to keep it as short as possible. I’ll start by saying things are not very good. Nothing seems to be getting any better. My appointments with my current nutritionist haven’t been too productive. There’s not much we can do in terms of a meal plan… Continue reading Options

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GI Mystery Solved!

I should have listened when everyone told me to switch doctors. I finally sought help from a new GI doctor. Within the first few minutes of hearing my symptoms and history he ordered a gastric emptying scan. He said he was positive I had gastroparesis. I was thankful this test was finally being ordered. I… Continue reading GI Mystery Solved!

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I had put a lot of faith into the possibility of the implantable neuro stimulator being a treatment option for me. I tried to look at it how the insurance company might look at it. The migraines can get severe enough to send me to the hospital. I also have an arsenal of prescriptions from… Continue reading Experimental

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Chronic revelation?

We had some bad weather pass through. I felt it before it was even close. I was talking to a fellow migraine sufferer who also deals with weather related migraines. She mentioned that when there was a threat of tornados in her area her migraines got much worse. This sparked a sudden thought and possibly… Continue reading Chronic revelation?

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I honestly don’t know what my body is doing to me at the moment. The only thing I’ve been able to identify is flares. The majority of my issues come in flares. My mystery GI issue has eased somewhat and I’m able to get more food and liquids than I’ve been which I’m very thankful… Continue reading Flares

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Formely Eccedentesiast

I have officially changed the name. I think it’s pretty self explanatory unlike the last title lol. Both are accurate to the T though. I still hide my pain behind a smile but I’m also fighting like hell. Some days it’s harder to smile, even if it’s fake. Battling a chronic condition is incredibly tough.… Continue reading Formely Eccedentesiast